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Legal services offered

Family Disputes

Marriage, Foreign Marriage, Seperation, Divorce, Mutual Consent Divorce, Alimony, Maintenance, Child Custody, Domestic Violence, Succession, WILL, Inheritance, Marriage Counselling, Domestic and International Adoptions.

Civil Disputes

All kind of civil disputes, Commercial disputes, Domestic and International Arbitration, Landlord and Tenancy disputes, Real Estate Property Transfer, Accident Claims, Insurance Claims, Compensation, Damages, Specific Preventive Reliefs, Trade Marks, Information Technology.

Criminal Disputes

Penal Laws, Economic Offences, Money Laudering, 498A, 406 IPC, Passport Act, Company Laws, Cheque dishonour cases, violations under Foreign Exchange Management Act, Cyber crimes.

Immigration & Citizenship

Visa, Visa for Permanent Residents, Passports, Citizenship, Overseas Citizen of India; Counselling, Documents fillings, Appeals.

Consumer Disputes

Unfair treatment or cost by seller or service providers; breach of obligations. Medical negligence; cases against builders and developers; insurance companies, Banks.

Employment Laws

Disputes under employment laws and compliance of labour laws, Human Resource Management practices, Domestic Enquiry.